Dan Powell’s February – Stets Double

Not a single trial was held in the month of February 2011, and why would a criminal defendant want a trial, when Stet’s Attorney Dan Powell was willing to deal away everything? Felonies got nolle prossed, stets doubled from the previous month and felonies got knocked down to misdemeanors just for the asking.

And whether you were a Crisfield Police Officer, a Corporal or Sergeant from Princess Anne, or a hard working road trooper with the Maryland State Police, Dan Powell found a way to dump your case. Only the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department didn’t get any of their cases thrown out (but only because they didn’t have any).

Nolle Prosses (4) (all serious felonies)
Bonnie Jean Culotta – February 3 – Possession and Distribution of Narcotic
Rachel Dukes Dennis – February 9 – Marijuana, Manufacturing CDS, Possession Intent to Distribute Not Marijuana
Shanola Yvette Smith – February 14 – Possession Intent to Distribute Narcotic & Simple Possession
Joel Christopher Sutton – February 28 – Handgun Use in Felony, Attempted Armed Robbery

Stets (6) (four felonies)
David James Abbey – February 9 – Arson Threat
Mary Ann Burton – February 28 – Conspiracy Possession with Intent to Distribute CDS
Tina Lynn Johnson – February 16 – Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Etc.
Willie Lee Hope Sr. – February 16 – Burglary Second Degree, Felony Theft
Allen Hall – February 23 – CDS Distribution (2x), Marijuana, Contribute to Delinquency of a Minor (2x), Reckless Endangerment (2x)
Martino Jackson – February 16 – Second Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, MDOP, Violate Ex Parte

Guilty pleas to other than top counts (4) (three felonies knocked down to misdemeanors)
James Collins – February 9 – Charged with Burglary, Drug Offense. Pled out to misdemeanor theft, received 18 months with all but 1 month 23 days time served.
Donald Jumaine Pugh – February 14 – Charged with Felony Possession of Narcotics. Pled out to misdemeanor possession and received 1 year local sentence
Jaimie Goodson – February 14 – Charged with First Degree Burglary. Pled out to felony theft, sentenced to year and a day.
Janet Webster – February 14 – Charged with Child Abuse, Assault. Pled guilty to making a false statement to a police officer. Sentenced to 6 months with all but 17 days suspended.

Top count pleas (6 misdemeanors, 2 felonies)
George Kearns – February 7 – Probation before judgment for unstamped cigarettes.
Allan Spooner – February 7 – Probation before judgment for unstamped cigarettes.
Shawn Horton – February 9 – ECI concealed weapon. 180 days.
Dustin Webster – February 14 – Pled to Child Abuse. Received 18 months with work release.
Antoine Maurice Stevenson – February 16 – ECI concealed weapon. 90 days.
Eugene Jones – February 23 – Pled to possession with intent to distribute (inside ECI). Received 10 years.
Andre Schoolfield – February 23 – Pled guilty to misdemeanor possession of CDS and second degree assault. Handgun charge dismissed. Received 18 month active sentence.
Robert Lee Kelly, Jr. – February 28 – Pled guilty to misdemeanor theft. Suspended sentence.



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  2. Anonymous

    Gonna get another bolt for my door!

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