Welcome to Dan Powell Watch

On January 3, 2011, Dan Powell will be sworn in as the new State’s Attorney for Somerset County.

On the campaign trail, Dan took money from criminal defense attorneys, yet told police officers he would be a cop’s prosecutor. He told the public he would be tough on crime, but associated himself with disreputable persons who are interested in anything but seeing justice served.

Dan couldn’t run on his own merits as a prosecutor because his track record was so spotty. So instead, he ran on a campaign of lies and innuendo against his predecessor. If Somerset County knew the truth about Dan Powell, it never would have elected him.

Dan’s tenure as State’s Attorney will probably be the shortest in Somerset County history because he quits everything he starts. This blog is dedicated to keeping watch over Dan Powell during his term as State’s Attorney and making sure Somerset County knows the truth about him and his actions.


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